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LED monitors taking the lead

by on22 March 2011

50% market share expected in 2011
LED-backlit monitors are the new black, but cheaper CCFL-backlit models still account for the majority of desktop monitor shipments worldwide.

Things are about to change, and fast. As prices go down, Taiwanese monitor makers are expecting to see LED market share go up towards the end of the year. By then, LED-backlit units should take the lead and they will account for 50 percent of all monitor shipments in 2011.

The advantages of LED-backlit screens are more than obvious. They are much more power efficient than CCFL units and they tend to deliver better contrast and overall image quality. Also, they just look better, as many of them are very thin and quite stylish.

CCFL is clearly going the way of the dodo and fast, although it will stick around for a few more years in niche markets.

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