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Club3D GTX 560 Ti CoolStream OC Edition reviewed

by on25 March 2011



Club3D recently launched its GTX 560 Ti non-reference card with CoolStream cooling, which was almost inaudible both in idle mode and under workload. We must say that we consider silence to be the prerequisite for recommending any GTX 560 Ti, as there are currently many quality and silent cards such as our today’s sample.

Of course, Club3D decided to make it GTX 560 Ti stand out of the crowd and introduced a factory overclock. So, the card runs at 880MHz (822MHz reference) for the GPU and 4100MHz for the memory (4008MHz effectively). The card has two dual-link DVI outs and one mini-HDMI out. Note however that mini-HDMI-to-HDMI converters aren't included with the card.

Club3D GTX 560 Ti CoolStream Edition currently goes for about €214, which is only €5 more than you’d pay for Club3D’s reference GTX 560 Ti. You can check out the prices here.

In conclusion, Club3D GTX 560 Ti CoolStream OC Edition card is a factory overclocked card that provides extra performance and silence at the same time. The card will chew up 1920x1600 smoothly, regardless of your game of choice and it will definitely be a good choice for those looking for a faithful and silent companion.


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Last modified on 27 March 2011
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