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Point of View TGT GTX 590 ships with 691MHz clock

by on28 March 2011

Water cooled 700MHz+ this week

Many will argue that GTX 590 costs quite a lot and on average you need to pay €649 for a vanilla non-overclocked card.

If you want something faster and more exciting such as TGT Point of View GeForce GTX590 Charged clocked at 668MHz and it will cost you €650 as long as you live or want to buy it online from Germany. The link is here.

If you want an even faster card, you can buy TGT Point of View GeForce GTX 590 TGT Ultra Charged Edition that will sell for just under €700 but works at 691MHz. This card should make some 10 to 15 percent faster score than vanilla card.

Last but certainly not least is the water cooled card TGT Point of View GeForce GTX590 BEAST Watercooled listed for saucy €849 but it is certain that the card works over 700MHz with a tendency to go much higher. The final clock is yet to be determined and the card should start shipping later this week.

You can preorder it here.
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