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PoV / TGT GTX 580 Beast 2 reviewed

by on29 March 2011


Running at 873MHz, Point of View/TGT’s GTX 580 Beast 2 is the fastest single GPU card around. In fact, the factory overclock pushed the card by another 101MHz, which earned the card some extra performance.

In case you’ve been skipping pages, we’ll remind you that Beast 2 is the new and faster iteration of GTX 580 Beast. Point of View / TGT launched its GTX 580 Beast back in December and its 855MHz GPU earned it the title of the fastest GTX 580 around at the time. However, since other partners have jumped aboard and pushed the GPUs to about 850MHz, the PoV/TGT teams decided to squeeze some more juice out of the card.

GTX 580 Beast 2 is intended for special group of enthusiasts, although we believe they’ll too sit down once they hear that the card goes for €700.

The only difference with the original Beast and its successor are higher operating clocks. Both cards use tried and true AquagraFX water block that keeps the temperatures in check.

GTX 580 Beast 2 performance speaks for itself really and you won’t find a faster single-GPU product on the market. Having said that, the pricing may need further adjustments but the card encompasses two of our favorite things – silence and raw power. The card will surely be a faithful and silent servant and we’d recommend it to those enthusiasts that will settle for nothing but the best.

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Last modified on 29 March 2011
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