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Nvidia wanted higher price for GTX 590

by on30 March 2011

€650 / $699 is not enough for launch
A few sources have confirmed that Nvidia wanted to sell Geforce GTX 590 at a higher price.

The card launched at €650 including VAT in most larger European countries and in the US it sells for $699. Newegg for example ran out of these cards and we failed to find any of them in a few top US shops that usually use as reference. Let us if you know if you can get one in any US shops.

The fact that stopped Nvidia's sales force to overprice an already overpriced product was that Radeon HD 6990 offers very similar performance, and costs much less than €650 in Euroland. The Radeon HD 6990 currently sells for €100 less, or some €550 in Europe, while US prices start at $709. Since Nvidia knew from day one that they won’t have many of these cards, the sales machine wanted to make some money and wanted to go even higher than $699 / €650 for vanilla cards.

Some voice of the reason convinced Nvidia that enough is enough and that limits are good especially when your fancy part performs very close to the competition. That’s how they ended with 650 euro and 699 dollar launch price. The final price was naturally set days before the launch as Nvidia didn’t want to give ATI any time to react with an HD 6990 price adjustment.

Just when we finished these lines we saw that Nvidia dropped the price to €603, here. Competition is a nasty thing.
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