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Mafia II GOTY edition is out

by on31 March 2011

Only PC version is called Director’s Cut
As we told you previously, the re-release of Mafia II is coming in a new $30 offering. Originally, we were told by our sources that it would be offered as a new Director’s Cut, but that branding seems to only be prevalent for the PC edition where the Xbox 360 edition will be part of the Platinum Hits collection; and on the Playstation 3 it will be part of the Greatest Hits collection.

The new edition will add three DLC content packs and four additional cars and clothing packs that will be bundled within the game. It is unclear if these will be downloads via bundled code or if they will be on the actual disc, but we suspect it will be on the actual disc from what we have been hearing.

Apparently, it is already shipping to retailers in North America and it is expected to arrive in the U.K. soon after that. We enjoyed the time we spent with the game and for $30 (if you have not played it and you like this type of title) it could be worth checking out.
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