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Gainward GTX 590 dual-GPU card reviewed

by on07 April 2011


Our today’s guest was Gainward’s GTX 590 3072MB GDDR5 768B 3-DVI mDP dual-GPU card. We’re talking about a card based on Nvidia’s reference design and you can find it available at €600, here.

Cooling the GF110 is a task for the dual-slot cooler with a central fan which, with a little help from vapor chamber tech, does a pretty good job. The fan’s noise levels are acceptable when the card is running 3D. The same GF110 is used on GTX 580 cards, but GTX 590’s clocks are lower. This unfortunately means that you’ll get more performance with two GTX 580 cards.

We’d be wrong if said that Nvidia’s GTX 590 is faster than AMD’s HD 6990 because depending on tests, one car may have certain advantages. AMD claims their offering is the fastest one around, and Nvidia pretty much does the same. One thing is for certain though – both cards provide a really mean punch and are any gamer’s dream. The fight between these two cards may very well depend on price drops of these dual-GPU cards, which will ultimately benefit both sales and users. Since it is a dual-GPU card, Gainward’s GTX 590 will allow for using four displays.

AMD’s HD 6990 currently goes for less but if you prefer Nvidia – then you really can’t go wrong with Gainward’s GTX 590, which by the way is the most affordable GTX 590 card around.

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Last modified on 07 April 2011
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