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Rage to take 15+ hours to complete

by on07 April 2011

Will be a multi-DVD release for 360
In a discussion with the Official Xbox Magazine, creative director Tim Willits from id Software confirmed that Rage can be completed in about 15 hours of game play. It could take longer than that with all of the other stuff in the post-apocalyptic world to see and do.

As has been talked about before, when the game arrives in September it is expected to arrive on two discs for the Xbox 360 for certain and most likely two discs for the PC version, but it will also require significant hard drive space for the installation. The PlayStation 3 version will be on a single disc, of course, taking advantage of the larger storage available by the Blu-ray format.

According to our sources, the game is still on track and will make its September release date. It has also been revealed that the game was left open to a sequel, which was a conscious decision by the team at id Software, according to Willits. The success of the title, of course, will dictate if a sequel will be in the cards for Rage.
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