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Tablets replace TVs claims Google

by on12 April 2011

Sometimes we wonder who answers these surveys that we get sent to us and how they reach their conclusions.

According to a survey from Google, mobile tablets have replaced the television and laptops. More than 77 per cent of those surveyed said their PC use dropped after they got their  tablet, while 43 per cent of that lot said that their tablet has replaced their desktop and laptop computers as the device they use the most. More than a third of those polled said they use their tablet more than they watch TV. Nearly a third said that their tablet is their primary computer and 84 per cent of them say they use their tablet to play games.

All the usual propaganda from those who need to justify why they wasted 800 euros on a keyboardless netbook. However the question is who did Google ask? To get anything like this survey it need to ask the micro-proportion of the universe that has bought a tablet. Since the majority of them must be Apple fanboys, because the tablet is a mostly Apple thing, then. So basically what the survey is saying is not that TVs and PCs are being replaced by tablets at all. Rather that Apple fanboys don't watch as much telly since they got the gizmo. Not exactly the same conclusion is it?  They

might have had to flog their telly to afford the expensive turkey. Then they have to spend the rest of their lives telling everyone how it has changed their lives by answering silly online surveys.
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