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AMD dusts off Vision brand

by on13 April 2011

Drawing attention to Fusion with a 1980s disco effect
As part of a cunning plan to draw attention to its new Fusion APUs, AMD is changing the look of its “AMD Vision” stickers.

Apparently the updated AMD Vision logo will look much less strict and seems to have been inspired by 1980s discos. In our experience flashing lights and blokes wearing big white suits do not do much towards inspiring confidence in an APU but maybe it is just because we were bitten by a shoulder pad when we were younger.

The label will be holographic, red, brighter with added motion and modern fonts, according to the advertising spec. AMD plans to introduce new stickers which talk up the advantages of notebooks, like the number of x86 processing cores inside the microprocessor and installation of additional graphics engine.

However this all flies in the face of AMD's comments about reducing amount of stickers on notebooks and leads us to question the reason for the existence of Chris Rea and Level 42.

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