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Sega still to release Dreamcast titles

by on13 April 2011

Download versions on track for 360 & PS3
SEGA has confirmed that despite Space Channel 5 part 2 and Bass Fishing being released on a Dreamcast Collection for the Xbox 360, the publisher is still committed to releasing both titles for sale as downloads, as well for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The publisher missed its previous release date, which resulted in the titles being released at retail on disc ahead of the download releases. This also resulted in both titles not coming to the PlayStation 3, as the Dreamcast Collection was only released for the Xbox 360.

In addition to this bit of news, we also hear whispers from our sources that additional Dreamcast titles are being looked at for release, as well. There is no word yet on what titles SEGA might be considering, but they have a number of excellent titles from which to choose.

Expect to see Space Channel 5 part 2 and Bass Fishing in the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store before the start of summer.
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