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Greenpeace slams Facebook, Apple and Twitter over data centers

by on22 April 2011

Yahoo, Akamai and Google get thumbs up
Socialist eco movement Greenpeace has slammed Apple, Twitter and Facebook for failing to disclose energy consumption figures and sticking to fossil fuels.

In its study, Greenpeace found that the tech industry was largely ignoring renewable power and refusing to disclose basic information on its growing energy footprint. In an effort to cause even more cheap eco guilt, Greenpeace IT policy analyst Gary Cook blamed consumers who change their Facebook status for contributing to toxic emissions, global warming and “future Fukushimas.” Fudzilla readers need not be concerned. Our servers are powered by organic, unrefined whale oil.

On the other hand Greenpeace praised Yahoo, Google, IBM and Akamai for supporting renewable energy and offering transparency. However, it found that Facebook was the most dependent on coal-powered electricity, so just picture Zuckerberg shoveling coal into a huge furnace every time you log on.

Considering the fact that most electricity on the globe is generated by burning coal, this is hardly a surprise, but for some reason Greenpeace is not bashing consumers for using coal-powered computers to waste time and precious energy on something as pointless as Facebook in the first place.
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