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Hacker stole naked pictures to post on websites

by on22 April 2011

Stolen through Facebook


Coppers say that a Minnesota man hacked into other people's Facebook and other computer accounts and nicked snaps of women to post on adult websites.

Police have charged Timothy Peter Noirjean, 26, of Woodbury, with 13 counts of identity theft. Inspector Knacker thinks that from February 2010 through March 2010 Noirjean contacted women online and duped them into providing him with personal information that allowed him to hack their Facebook and other accounts. According to AP once he had control of a Facebook account, Noirjean posed as the owner to make contact with that person's friends and try to gain access to more computer accounts.

Noirjean got answers to security questions that allowed him to access his victims' Facebook and email accounts. Eight women ranging in age from 17 to 24 had private photos stolen and posted on adult websites. Authorities also identified nine other victims whose accounts were accessed so Noirjean could get to other accounts. Coppers said when they questioned him at his home Noirjean admitted he had been hacking into accounts, and stealing and posting photos, but denied knowing that he did anything wrong. His computer contained 92 separate folders with photos of women, and 235 email addresses with what appeared to be the answers to security questions for those accounts.

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