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New Extreme core in Q4 2011, Sandy Bridge E based

by on04 May 2011

Six cores, 3.3GHz clock
AMD might have a good thing going with Bulldozer. AMD's latest creation comes in eight and six core version and according to the latest info we gathered Intel's Sandy Bridge-E sticks to a six core design.

This new enthusiast class CPU needs an LGA2011 socket and it works at 3.3GHz core. Intel claims that this CPU is completely unlocked and that it has total amount of 15MB of cache. With The help of Turbo this 130W CPU gets to 3.9GHz which is quite a nice score.

For comparison, the current Intel Core i7-990X Processor Extreme Edition has 12MB of cache, 3.46GHz core clock and with turbo it can get you to 3.73 GHz. You can assume that Sandy Bridge E extreme edition ends up faster. Sandy Bridge E also uses the X79 chipset that is also scheduled for Q4 2011 introduction.

Bulldozer with eight cores should at least win in some cases, at least this is a logical conclusion, but we will need to wait and see it to believe it.
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