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New netbook platform allows 4GB RAM, 12.1 inch screens

by on09 May 2011

Cedar Trail to get up to $399
One of the key points of netbooks was to be cheap and Intel made sure that they stays within the 10-inch format for the longest time. Since tablets are now the next hot thing, Intel had to loosen some of the netbook restrictions and even today you can get a bunch of 12-inch Atom based netbook.

Until Q4 2011 netbook will be limited to 2GB of memory but with the introduction of Cedar Trail – M atom, new netbooks will be able to get even 4GB of DDR3 1066 memory. This will apply to machines with the more expensive Atom N2800 dual cores, while versions with N2600 will still be limited to 2GB DDR3 800 and not more.

Display size can be anywhere from 7 to 12.1 inches and the battery is 4 to 6 cell. When it comes to hard drive size, Intel recommends 32GB SSDs or HDDs up to 250GB. The choice of Operating systems including Windows 7 Starter/ Home basic, MeeGo or Chome OS, whenever this one gets available.

The suggested price for these top notch netbooks is between $329 and $399 for the fastest, fully speced one and as we said before, they are scheduled to appear in Q4 2011 and live for the best part of 2012.
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