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Will the new Bold ship with OS 7?

by on11 May 2011


RIM can’t get OS 7 phone out quickly enough
Sources tell us that a significant amount of development still remains for the BlackBerry phone version of OS 7, and it isn’t the graphic subsystem that RIM calls Liquid Graphics. While the company has suggested that they are moving directly from OS 6 to OS 7 (rather than stopping first at OS 6.1) as first thought, time is tight to make this happen.

With both a new Bold and Torch model that will sport the new 1.2GHz single core Snapdragon processor variant, the need for the new OS is going to be essential if the company is going to retain current market share while at the same time capture new market share. Whispers we hear suggest that it is an all hands on deck situation to get this completed, as RIM needs new models to ship soon.

RIM has not yet confirmed a release date of when they expect to ship the new Bold and Torch models, but sources from carriers that we spoke with say that it can’t be soon enough, as Enterprise BlackBerry customers are asking for more powerful and functional models now.

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