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Zeus source code now free

by on12 May 2011

Available anywhere
The source code to the infamous Zeus crimeware kit,has been leaked and is now available for free, if you know where to look.

Files containing the source code have been appearing on several different forums and it looks like it has gone “open source” in an unpoliceable sort of way. According to Danish security firm CSIS it only took a few days to download and compile the code and it works like a charm. The outfit said.

The kit has been quite expensive to buy, and researchers say that it can sell for roughly $5,000. Making the kit available wipes out the market for Zeus licenses, but will make the kit available to a different class of hacker.

Several months ago, the code bases for the Zeus kit and the SpyEye kit were merged and the word on the street was that Zeus was no longer being developed.
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