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Sapphire HD 5770 Flex Edition Review

by on13 May 2011


Sapphire 5770 Flex Edition definitely stands out of the crowd in its price range. For less than €100, you get a card that will run three displays with no limitations. When we say limitations, we mean Eyefinity, as it normally limits you to two displays unless you use DisplayPort. Thankfully, HD 5770 Flex Edition didn’t ignore DisplayPort either and, provided you use it of course, you can chain up to four displays on a single card.

AMD recently launched HD 6700 series, although you should know that it’s a simple rename of HD 5700 series with minor improvements. Namely, AMD added HDMI 1.4a and Blu-ray 3D but left the clocks and performance intact. Of course, HD 6770 Flex Edition kept the Eyefinity capabilities as well as the nice cooling solution from the HD 5770 Flex Edition.

The pricing of only €100 makes HD 5770 Flex Edition a really nice deal. All in all, it is a great card that will provide smooth gaming performance up to 1920x1080 and will offer three-display support without using DisplayPort or messing with adapters.


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Last modified on 25 May 2011
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