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BF3 and next CoD title to go head to head

by on13 May 2011

The challenger to take to the king in November
Sources in the retail community are confirming to us what most of us had already guessed: Electronic Arts will be pitting the upcoming release of Battlefield 3 within days of the release of the next Call of Duty title due to be released in November.

The move will set up a sales grudge match of sorts with the challenger, Battlefield 3, going after the undisputed king of the sales hill against none other than the next Call of Duty, which is believed to be called Modern Warfare 3. Whispers suggest that Activision will make the next CoD title official with an announcement ahead of E3 on or about May 23rd.

The decision by Electronic Arts to go after Call of Duty has been spelled out in the past, with EA claiming that they want to recapture the FPS crown. Battlefield 3 has been hailed by pretty much everyone as a game changer for EA and if it delivers, it should make a dent in CoD sales.

Analysts that we have spoken with still don’t think even if everything goes right with the release and sales of Battlefield 3 that it will really make that much of a difference in the sales of the next CoD title. As one analyst told us, “…with Battlefield 3 looking like a title that has significant potential, I am not sure that I would want to share the spotlight with the next CoD title. If people only have money for one title, it is likely that they will choose CoD and where does that leave Battlefield 3? More space between the releases might be the best move for Battlefield 3.”

While we are hearing that the two titles will be released within days of each other, we don’t know which title will be released first. We suspect, however, that EA will want every advantage; so it is likely that they will release first to get the jump on the CoD release. It is expected that EA will announce the release date for Battlefield 3 at E3 in June.

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