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Gainward GTX 560 Phantom reviewed

by on17 May 2011


Along with the GTX 560, the slower version of the GTX 560 Ti, Nvidia launched its driver version 275. It is said that the new v275.20 driver (compared to v270.51) improves the GTX 560 scores by up to 15%. The improvements were reported for newer titles such as Crysis 2 (6%), Bulletstorm (15%) and Portal 2 (8%). This extra punch should make 1080p gaming a breeze with the GTX 560.


The new driver brings significant improvements. The automatic update now includes SLI and AA profiles, which are pretty important for SLI system owners who want to play some newly launched titles that don’t have SLI profiles included in the latest driver.


3D Vision Profile update is planned for the upcoming period.


The driver’s user interface is now richer by another preview window. Scaling experience for displays is also improved; it should work flawlessly for all displays (including VGA or HDMI connections). If you’re using Windows 7, it is possible to override the scaling mode set by gamers and programs.




Last modified on 04 June 2011
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