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SSDs last longer

by on20 May 2011

Intel increases their warranty
One of the criticisms of SSDs is that they are not as reliable in the long term, however that appears to be starting to change.

Intel have announced that it is increasing the warranty on its Intel SSD 320 from three to five years. This would be the first time a consumer SSD has been given a warranty length that matches that of a conventional hard drives. Before now, you could get a lengthy warranties for an SSD but only if you used an enterprise drive which would set you back an arm or a leg.

It seems that Chipzilla is doing its best to get people to shift to SSDs. They have even offered some of their consumer models enterprise-grade features such as power backup capabilities and NAND. But with Intel offering an extended warranty on SSDs it is fairly certain that other suppliers will follow suit.  It will mean that the industry has some confidence that the drives will last the distance.

Now the only thing that seems to seperate the two types of drive is size and the cost. SSDs are still a little pricey particularly when you can get a cheap 2TB conventional drive from a fraction of the cost.
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