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Cooler Master Silencio 550 tested

by on23 May 2011


Hyper Z6000 is a passive CPU cooler that gets pretty handy in testing computer cases. After all, it serves as the best indicator of airflow in a case. It’s 160mm tall and it did end up touching the foam on the side panel, which in turn decreased performance. We measured 10°C higher temperatures than in the Enforcer case. Maximum allowed height for CPU cooler is 154mm.

We usually go for passively cooled 9800GT cards in order to hear the case itself, but this time we went for GTX 480. After all, if anything can disrupt Cooler Master’s silence, it’s the GTX 480. It turned out that the foam on the front and side panels did a good job in keeping GTX 480 quieter.
We must say that two fans are not enough for Silencio 550 and we’d advise you to strap it with another fan on the front panel as soon as possible. Passively cooled CPUs or graphics cards aren’t quite advisable either. On the other hand, the case is pretty good in containing noise, so louder graphics card aren’t quite a big problem.

Last modified on 07 October 2011
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