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360 to get stereoscopic 3D at E3

by on24 May 2011

That is what our sources are saying
While Microsoft to this point has not been very concerned about 3D support, this is now apparently going to change, as our sources tell us that Microsoft will announce full stereoscopic 3D support at E3. While hardware guru types have told us that the Xbox 360 was fully able to do 3D if Microsoft wanted to support it.

The stereoscopic 3D support that is said to be coming will offer 720P image for each eye via HDMI, and of course, 3D compatible monitor and glasses. If accurate, the 3D support would offer an experience very similar (if not the same) as what Sony offers for 3D support in the PlayStation 3. You might notice that we said “via HDMI,” which means that if you happen to own an Xbox 360 console that does not have HDMI support, you are out of luck.

If accurate, and Microsoft does roll out 3D support for the 360, it is a total about face, so to speak, after the company questioned both the demand and relevance of 3D support; they made the point that they were not an electronics company trying to sell 3D TVs. Apparently, Microsoft does think that the market has responded and 3D support is a relevant feature that consumers want; or just maybe they want to narrow the difference gap between the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

We will have to see if this proves to be true, but adding 3D support really would not be that difficult, and developers are already producing titles that offer 3D support. Sounds like a no-brainer to us, but we will have to wait till the Microsoft E3 press conference on June 6th to see what they think.
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