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Intel creates motherboard for TV modem box maker

by on30 May 2011

Getting its hardware everywhere
The English maker of software modem technology for digital TV reception, has said gotten Intel to create it a motherboard to broadcast television signals. Mirics will demonstrate the Intel DH61AG desktop motherboard with dual-tuner digital terrestrial TV mini-card at Computex 2011 in Taipei.

Intel's DH61AG Mini-ITX motherboard is designed for multimedia entertainment. It has been built by Yuan High-Tech Development Co from an MC002 mini-card that includes dual tuners and the FlexiTV software modem and digital platform that can be plugged into the motherboard, thus enabling digital terrestrial TV reception across all global standards. Michelle Johnston, general manager of Intel's channel platform division said that customers want to manage and view broadcast television content at any time and the addition of Mirics' FlexiTV to our the DH61AG Mini-ITX motherboard is part of a plan for cheap, integrated, rich multimedia capabilities.

The display shows live standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) content from terrestrial broadcast sources. Using standard playback software such as Windows Media Center, through the dual-tuner design, users can view and record multiple live TV stations simultaneously on PCs equipped with the motherboard and integrated mini-card.
Simon Atkinson, CEO, Mirics said: "Coupling Intel's multimedia offering with the Mirics' global broadcast TV, tied to the motherboard, makes for a compelling package."

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