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Wal-Mart will move to Blu-ray only

by on18 February 2008

Will phase out HD DVD

Those who have been waiting for the other shoe to drop in the HD format wars will not have to wait any longer, as Wal-Mart has announced that it will be moving from supporting both formats to going exclusively Blu-ray. Wal-Mart claims that they are listening to the consumer who has declared their preference for Blu-ray, according to Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart will be phasing out both HD DVD players and HD DVD titles over the next couple of months in their stores as well Wal-Mart owned Sam’s Club stores. With over 4,000 stores the loss of Wal-Mart’s support has all but put an end to HD DVD presence at the retail level.

This move, along with other recent announcements, will all but force HD DVD consumers who wish to purchase any of the upcoming new HD DVD titles to look for them online. While very few new titles have been announced for HD DVD, there are still several good titles upcoming in the pipeline, but expect those to be some of the last titles released in the HD DVD format.

Last modified on 18 February 2008
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