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Apple is just copying Microsoft

by on08 June 2011

Claims Microsoft
There is a long running joke put about by the Apple fanboys that Microsoft nicks Jobs' Mob's ideas.

My old boss, who should have been hauled up for charges of crimes against humanity for the way he ran his Apple network once pronounced that “Windows 95 is just Apple 85.” I lost any chances of promotion by pointing out that the tiny gray box with smoke pouring out of it and the always dropping network was Apple 95.

Anyway, Jobs had just started announcing the new list of iOS 5 features when we saw a tweet from Joe Belfiore who is the Windows Phone Program Director at Microsoft. He gave a list of WP features that he feels "flattered" to see imitated by Apple. If he had not started out with a dedicated camera button we would have been cheering.

Sadly we don't think either Jobs nor Microsoft have come up with anything particularly original.

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