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Duke Nukem gets a custom case

by on13 June 2011

At least THAT will arrive on time
Richard Surroz, a.k.a. Darth Beavis, has built a custom Duke Nukem themed case for Nvidia and, as you can see, the case is really something. The companies that contributed to the project with their gear are Danger Den, EVGA, Crucial, Silverstone, Frozen CPU, and Asus.

The rig uses two EVGA’s watercooled GTX 580 cards, Silverstone’s 1500W PSU, Asus’ 3D displays, Danger Den’s cooling system, Crucial’s RAM, etc. That the guys tried really hard to evoke those fond Duke memories is evident from the gun in the middle, and they made sure it rotates. Enough talk, here’s some pictures.





Last modified on 13 June 2011
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