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Steve Jobs gets his own comic

by on14 June 2011

Loosely based on his life
Apple messiah Steve Jobs is going to become a comic book hero. After having a success with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg comic book portrayal, Bluewater Productions will release a comic book profile of Steve Jobs in August.

It will tell the story of a poor struggling college drop-out who eats a toxic Apple and gets super powers. While he can't lift heavy objects, he apparently can make anyone buy the most useless piece of junk and the ability to turn people into two dimensional objects. He will be seen winning battles against Super Ballmer in the mobile market after wrestling the sacred tablet's from him. Later he will face a new super villain, the “Do Evil” Google twins and their terrible Android.

Actually, we have no idea what is contained in the comic. Judging by the press release, it will help improve Jobs' image and will not reveal any kryptonite like weaknesses. We doubt it will show him pulling the wings off flies or spying on Apple employees either.

Such things tend to get nasty letters from Apple laywers. Steve Jobs action figure was briefly available before Apple’s lawyers stepped in to halt sales of the figurine. Apple, which takes great efforts to protect Jobs’ privacy and image, went as far as to stop eBay auctions of the figure, some of which were fetching bids as high as $2,500.

Bluewater president Darren Davis said that Jobs' innovations command front page news, speculation of his health affects the stock market. Not bad for a college dropout.

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