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AMD shows off Trinity

by on15 June 2011

Fifty percent faster than Llano
Just as it launched the eagerly awaited Llano APU, AMD has given us a reason not to buy one.

Senior VP Rick Bergman showed off a Trinity based laptop at a Fusion event yesterday, promising to deliver a 50 percent performance boost over Llano. Of course, Trinity is still a long way away and it will appear in about a year’s time, so waiting for it might not be the best idea.

Unlike Llano, which is based on a tweaked Stars core, Trinity is designed around the all new Bulldozer architecture. The details are still sketchy and apart from Bergman’s 50 percent claim there is little to go on. There is no word on graphics performance or clocks, so we are in for a year of rumours and speculation. Not that we mind.

Bergman also commented Fusion sales, saying AMD has managed to ship “millions” thus far and that the number will surpass tens of millions by the end of the year. Some unconfirmed estimates put the total number of Brazos APUs shipped thus far north of six million. Mind you, AMD managed to ship about a million Brazos parts by the end of 2010, before it went on sale, hence it is possible that a similar number of Llano chips are already on their way to retail.

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