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Desktop Llanos listed, priced

by on17 June 2011

A bit cheaper than expected
With the attention focused on mobile Llano processors, it is easy to forget upcoming desktop versions, which are just around the corner.

A few US e-tailers have started listing AMD Llano desktop parts and the first prices seem a tad lower than expected from previously leaked price sheets. Some EU shops have also listed a couple of A6- and A8-series parts, but without any price info.

According to US listings, the flagship A8-3850, a 2.9GHz quad core is set to cost about $150. On the graphics side of things, the processor packs HD6550D graphics with 400 shaders and a 600MHz clock. It supports DDR3-1866 memory and has a 100 watt TDP. This sounds like rather good value for money, as $150 will buy you Core i3 2120 Sandy Bridge dual core, clocked at 3.3GHz.

The 2.6GHz A6-3650 is listed at $126. Like the A8-3850 it features a 100W TDP and 4MB of L2 cache, but it packs an HD 6530D graphics core, with 320 shaders clocked at 443MHz. This baby also sounds like a pretty good deal, costing about the same as a Core i3-2100 dual-core.

Mind you, AMD will also introduce a number of cheaper models, including sub-$100 dual-cores in both E2-series and A4-series flavours.

Judging by the prices, AMD will deliver excellent value for money in the mainstream and entry-level markets. Although we still don’t have any motherboard prices, AMD boards were traditionally marginally cheaper than Intel’s, so this should not be an issue and platform cost will stay rather low.

OEMs might find the prospect of dirt cheap quad-cores with integrated 6000-series Radeons quite attractive, as they will allow them to slap DirectX 11 and quad-core stickers even on their cheapest desktops.
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