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Windows Phone 7.5 previewed

by on21 June 2011

Mango looks ripe and juicy
Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launched with much fanfare several months ago, but at this point it could hardly be qualified as a major success.

However, Redmond is preparing to roll out Windows Phone 7.5, codenamed Mango to address some of the deficiencies and judging by early previews, Mango will feature a number of improvements. It features an improved messaging system that will allow users to switch between text, IM and chat on Facebook in the blink of an eye. Twitter and LinkedIn functionality is included as well.

Mango also brings an improved search feature, including a new visual search tool that allows it to identify bar codes or translate photographed text. Microsoft has also greatly improved task switching and multitasking system, which places it somewhere between Android and iOS in terms of multitasking capability.

Internet Explorer 9 also underwent a major overhaul. It includes HTML5 support, improved Xbox Live messaging and some other neat features, but it appears Apple and Google will remain in the lead in the browser department.

You can check out a video preview here.


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