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Corporate market to get Ivy Bridge in March 2012

by on24 June 2011

Maybe April
The premium and mainstream parts to replace Core i7 2600, Core i5 2500 and Core i5 2400 based on Ivy Bridge are scheduled to come in March to April 2012. This is the current plan for a new processor transition for desktop business market, the one that many call corporate market.

Corporate customers were traditionally getting the new technology at least one to two quarters later than the consumer part of the market, and the chipset fiasco didn't affect corporate clients, as the 6 series chipset or Sandy Bridge didn't launch simultaneously for consumer and corporate market.

This time around, Intel wants to take a bit of a risk, and launch for both. The transactional corporate market currently ruled by Core i3 2120, Core i3 2100 and soon to launch Core i3 2130 will be its upgrade in Q2, most likely after the official launch of Ivy Bridge processors.

So, in simple terms, quad core Ivy Bridge comes first and dual core Core i3 based will come shortly after and corporate market should be happy to get it simultaneously with regular consumers.

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