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Universal to go Blu-ray

by on20 February 2008


We suspect Paramount to follow suit

With the end of the HD format war over with the announcement that Toshiba will end HD DVD, it is no surprise that Universal is already making their intention to move to Blu-ray known. Apparently, several sources are reporting that Universal has said that they plan to start to focus on “moving their new and existing catalog titles to Blu-ray.”

While we expect a more detailed announcement in the upcoming weeks that will include a list of titles and dates of when they can be expected on Blu-ray, no specific details on Universal’s plans have been released yet.

Universal did not release any information about already announced HD DVD titles or for how much longer we can expect them to release titles in the HD DVD format. It would be safe to assume that they will continue to release at least some HD DVD tiles until the May/June time frame, when it is expected that most HD DVD title support will end.

No word yet on the specifics regarding Paramount/Dreamworks plans going forward. We expect an announcement soon and we suspect that will confirm what our sources are telling us: that Paramount/Dreamworks will release the already announced HD DVD titles and also start making a variety of Blu-ray titles available.

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