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Palm Centro now available from AT&T

by on20 February 2008

Cross-over smart phone

AT&T announced that they will be launching the Palm OS based Centro phone. While the Centro has been available in the U.S. exclusively from Sprint for some time, AT&T is only now able to gain access to the Centro as Sprint’s exclusive window for the phone has ended.

While Palm OS-based phones are nothing new, as the company has been selling the Treo line of smart phones for years, the Centro marked a new sleeker model phone that was targeted at consumers that want a smart phone with all of the abilities, but at a price they can afford. The Centro will retail for US$99, with a two-year contract from AT&T after rebate.

The Centro, while still based on an older version of the Palm OS, does offer a good mix of applications and abilities that rival some of the smart phones available on the market today. While it isn’t perfect, it does offer those who like the Palm OS something new.

The affordability is the key with the Centro, which will be offered in glacier white with a green accented keyboard and obsidian black, which will make its appearance in about a month after the initial glacier white Centros make their appearance in AT&T stores. While feedback on the Centro seems to continue to be mixed, Palm has continued to struggle and the Centro has perhaps not done as well as it hoped. With wider availability of the phone being available from AT&T now, as well as Sprint, perhaps the Centro with its very attractive affordable price will be able to win some customers over.

Last modified on 20 February 2008
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