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Netflix deal gives OMAP 4 its momentum

by on08 July 2011

A lot of design wins
Earlier this week Texas Instruments announced that it got Netflix HD certification for Android and our sources are telling us that the Netflix deal is not a pure coincidence, since that the company has worked hard to be the first to bring 1080P 30 FPS a sec Netflix to its devices.

The key point of securing this deal was the M-Shielf security technology that has convinced Netflix to chose TI OMAP as the first platform for its HD streaming content. OMAP 4 includes dual core chips and they will be fast enough to protect the premium content from attacking the HD stream via Netflix application.

This is Hollywood studios' worst nightmare and once you get them enough security they tend to reason with you.  TI also told that both tablets and phones based on OMAP 4 will be this support and TI has more security solutions including WEP, WPA and WHA2a s a part of TI’s WiLink 7.0 solution, and TI is proud to state that they are the only single chip to include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and FM, all at once.

Content stays secure even when your phone or tablet streams it to a TV via HDMI, as TI OMAP has a nice HDCP to encrypt it all. In order to get Netflix support on your OMAP 3 device such as Motorola Droid 3, you will need Gingerbread 2.3 Android and the support for additional Android versions is planned for this year.

We expect to see this technology supported in Android 3.0, a tablet baby codenamed Honeycomb and naturally at some point in 2012, support for Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is not all, more OMAP 4 devices, more phones and more tablets are expected in this second part of 2011. The super phone and tablet fight is just starting with TI approaching as a quite strong competitor.
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