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Cooltek K3 Evolution - USB 3.0 computer case tested

by on08 July 2011


The biggest selling point of cases in the €40-50 price segment are USB 3.0 connectors and Cooltek’s K3 Evolution USB 3.0 will provide two, all for the price of €40.

We’ve checked out the prices of several competing cases in online shops and you won’t find a case with these features below €40. So, if you’re looking for a quality yet affordable USB 3.0 supporting case, the K3 Evolution is worth looking at.

CooltekT K3 Evolution - USB 3.0 will fit in anywhere, which is pretty practical. The front panel has a modern mesh grill design but without overdoing details, which is also pretty nice.

We’ll repeat the main characteristics for those who don’t care for USB 3.0. There’s plenty of room for components inside and it will house even the longest graphics cards, although that may depend on your motherboard layout. The case comes stocked with one, front 120mm blue LED fan and its regulator wheel. If you’re thinking about a faster and hotter graphics card, you should add one or few more.

Quite understandably, Cooltek cut the costs wherever possible, be it fans, tool-less mechanisms or even screws. This resulted in the K3 Evolution USB 3.0’s price of €40 but the case still packs enough quality.

You can find the case here priced at €40. We’d like to thank who kindly provided our testing sample.


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Last modified on 03 October 2011
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