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Palit rumored to acquire Galaxy

by on21 February 2008

To shift overstocked chips

Digitimes has published a story which claims that Palit is about to acquire Galaxy 3D, which in itself isn't a remarkable piece of news, but what makes this story stand out is the reason behind the purchase.

The sources quouted by Digitimes are claiming that Palit wants to procure Galaxy 3D so it can offload overstocked Nvidia chips onto Galaxy 3D, as according to Palit's contract with Nvidia they can't sell overstocked inventory to other manufacturers.

It seems like an expensive way of getting rid of inventory, but we've heard of stranger things happening. Palit already owns Gainward and VVIKOO, so adding a third brand to its already strong lineup might not be a bad thing.

You can find the original story here
Last modified on 22 February 2008
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