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US carriers have a problem with Apple users

by on13 July 2011

They think they are getting a better service than they are
Apple users are proving so daft, that US carriers are having to tell them that they are not getting a 4G service. In the latest study completed by Retrevo, 34 percent of iPhone owners are under the impression that the iPhone 4 and older Apple models are compatible with 4G service.

The problem is that Apple released the phone with the number 4 in it, so they assume that they must have 4G because Steve Jobs only ever does things on the cutting edge. To be fair a quarter of BlackBerry owners think the same thing, even though no one ever claimed they were getting 4G alternative from RIM. A third of Android owners also thought they had a 4G smartphone already, but it is possible because there are 4G-compatible models like the Motorola Atrix 4G or the HTC Sensation 4G.

What is even dumber is that forty percent of iPhone owners are planning on buying the next model, rumoured to be announced in September, even if it doesn’t provide 4G service. They will just buy it because it is part of their religion. In fact it looks like iPhone users in the US would buy the latest iPhone even if it gave them a dose of the clap.

BlackBerry owners are likely to leave RIM for Apple as over 40 percent of the respondents are seriously considering the next iPhone. Android users are more loyal as only one in five are looking into switching to the new iPhone. Once you are free from a walled garden it is very difficult to want to go back.
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