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Llano lappies still hard to find in Europe

by on20 July 2011

Desktops widely available
A month after AMD introduced its highly praised Llano APU series, we decided to take a look at end user availability and the news is not good for European consumers.

Our price search engine is listing a total of 20 Llano powered notebooks, but only a single one is actually available - HP’s DV6 is currently listed in stock with a lone German retailer for €575. With prices starting at under €500 for entry level quad-core notebooks, Llano sounds like a very good deal, but vendors are obviously focusing on the North American market for the time being. Newegg is currently selling 11 Llano notebook models, ranging from $479 to $749. All are in stock, although shipments of some SKUs are limited to 5 units per customer. Some A4-series dual cores are available as well.

In the desktop space, both the US and Europe are well off. The A6-3650 and A8-3850 are widely available on both sides of the Atlantic. The US price stands at $119 and $139 respectively. European prices are even better. The A6-3650 goes for as little as €76, while the A8-3850 sells for €93. This works out to $107 and $132, so for once European consumers aren’t getting ripped off, so kudos to AMD.

One month on, Llano seems to be doing quite well, but sadly European bargain hunters are forced to wait for their taste of affordable quad-core laptops.
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