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360 HD DVD add-on now $50

by on26 February 2008


Price driven to an all new low

It seems that just when we thought that it would be hard for the price of the Xbox 360 add-on HD DVD drive to go much lower, Best Buy is now blowing out the HD DVD add-on drive for an incredible US$49.99. No, this isn’t a mis-print, and quantities are limited.

In view of the departure of Toshiba (the maker of the HD DVD drive in the Xbox 360 add-on drive) from the HD DVD business, the purchase of one of these Xbox 360 add-on drives has a limited life span, at best. With very few new titles expected to make their way to HD DVD before the summer, it will take a very unique consumer who would want to take a chance on the HD DVD add-on drive.

Purchasers of the HD DVD add-on drive are still able to take advantage of the five free HD DVD movie offer that has been running for the past couple of months. So, for $49.99 and five free movies, and lots of HD DVD movies being clearanced out at very good prices, the immediate use of the drive perhaps makes a bit more logical sense short-term, but, of course, with Blu-ray being the HD standard going forward, long-term use of the drive is questionable beyond playing HD DVD movies that one has already acquired.

Pick up the HD DVD drive add-on for the Xbox 360 here.

Last modified on 26 February 2008
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