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AMD considers liquid cooling

by on12 August 2011

It's summer, everyone wants beer
In the summer heat, everyone wants something cool and liquid, but AMD appears to be thinking about cooling its boxed versions of its FX-series central processing units (CPUs) with a liquid-cooling solution (LCS).

According to X-Bit Labs the big idea is to enhance overclockability as well as to improve their image in the eyes of high-performance computer enthusiasts. AMD intends to bundle a liquid cooling solution with the chips, according to a source with knowledge of the company's plans. It will bundle the advanced cooler with its top-of-the-range eight-core chips.

The chip maker is mulling over whether it should include a completely sealed liquid system that consists of a CPU water block with copper base, large heat-exchanger as well as cooling fan. Apparently it has in mind ideas like the  Antec Kühler H2O 620 self-contained liquid cooling system. This is a CPU water block with copper base, large 151x120mm heat-exchanger as well as 120mm cooling fan with 1450 - 2000rpm speed.
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