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Rock Band 3 to be re-released

by on12 August 2011

New publisher to be Mad Catz

Music game peripheral maker that is now in the software development and publishing business, Mad Catz, has announced an agreement to become the new publisher of Rock Band 3. Mad Catz will put the game back on the shelves this holiday season along with some new Rock Band instruments.

The deal is good for Harmonix, now an independent studio who had been without a publisher since being split off from MTV Games, which has since been closed. Electronic Arts handled the distribution of the game through its EA Partners program; but apparently that deal did not survive the spin-off of Harmonix into an independent because the deal was with MTV Games.

Since Mad Catz is so heavily involved with the design and marketing of the music game peripherals, the deal is good for both sides and does not burden Harmonix with the problems and cost of designing and building the actual music game peripherals.

Mad Catz, as we told you recently, has become a certified Microsoft Xbox 360 publisher as part of their recent strategy to open a new development studio to create and publish their own titles. Partnering with Harmonix would seem to be good for both sides. According to what we know right now, Rock Band 3 will be re-released only for Xbox 360 to start with; other versions may be announced for re-release at some point in the future. Details and the specifics on the bundles to be offered, as well as the new music game peripherals will follow soon.

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