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Teachers face more online bullying

by on16 August 2011

From kids and parents alike
Teachers appear to be fighting an uphill struggle against online bullying and increasingly pesky kids.

According to a new British survey, more than a third of teachers reported experiencing online abuse. What’s ever worse 72 percent of abuse cases originated from the students, while the rest was largely initiated by the parents, who obviously need to be taught a lesson themselves.

Much of the abuse takes place on social networks, such as Facebook. School kids and parents are even setting up Facebook groups to abuse teachers. The majority of teachers facing abuse are, of course, women. In addition, students don’t appear to be taking the issue seriously and they are even accusing teachers of criminal misconduct.

Researcher Andy Phippen is worried by the fact that parents are increasingly taking part in abuse and bullying. He warns that the trend is new and that parents are sometimes even abusing other children at school. The apple never falls far from the tree.

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