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Libya starts reconnecting to internet

by on23 August 2011

Revolution over, back to WoW and torrents
Libya appears to be reconnecting to the internet after a six month popular insurgency against the four decade rule of Muammar Gaddafi.

Libya’s state owned ISP got back online and posted a simple message on its site, proclaiming Libya is “one tribe”.  Users report reliability issues, but it seems Libya is slowly but surely getting back to normal and citizens are trading in their AKs and FALs for chat roulette and a cup of tea on the Mediterranean coast.

Internet access was all but shut down in most of Libya some six months ago. According to Google and Akamai the last two days saw a spike in internet activity of up to 500 percent. The figures will go up as ADSL access is restored in towns a cities ravaged by fighting.

After six months of war, Libyans will probably have some truly interesting status posts and photo albums on Facebook, once they get round to it. As for Gaddafi, well as G.G. Marquez once put it, no one write to the colonel.

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