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Next generation netbooks got new form

by on23 August 2011

Convertible, slider and slick and bigger than 10.2

We got hold of a few extra details about next generation Cedar Trail M Atom 32nm platform. Intel wants to freshen things up and get a few extra details to netbook portfolio, and keep it at similar pricing level.


Intel promises to introduce convertible netbooks, slider designs and all of them are supposed to come passively cooled, or fanless if you like. This is a huge step forward, having a small notebook without a fan, much like tablets.

They don’t need to stick to midget form-factors either, there will be machines that will get bigger than 10.2 inch limit from the past. Intel is finally letting its partners make bigger netbooks.

Another innovation is the sleek design, as the CPU and the rest of the platform needs a bit less space and power, and we can guaranty that some of the Atom N2800 and N2600 based machines will slim and nice.

With the help of WiDi, wireless display and fast boot, they will bring a lot to desire to a potential customers and previous Atom netbook owners. Many of 10.2 inch format lovers will want to get one of the new ones.

Last modified on 23 August 2011
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