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IBM builds worlds biggest hard-drive

by on26 August 2011

Not enough porn in the world
Biggish Blue has built a hard-drive that will challenge even the biggest porn collectors out there.

The 120 petabyte "drive" is 120 million gigabytes and made up of 200,000 conventional hard disk drives working together. According to Big Blue the giant data container can store around one trillion files and should provide the space needed to allow more powerful simulations of the weather.

A 120 petabyte drive could hold 24 billion typical five-megabyte MP3 files or back up the World Wide Wibble 60 times. The data storage group at IBM Almaden is developing the record-breaking storage system for an unnamed client that needs a new supercomputer for detailed simulations of real-world phenomena. We guess he wants to find out why Apple fanboys buy rubbish gear for too much money, and come up with a reason why Jersey Shore is popular when Torchwood isn't.
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