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Sony to release themed DualShocks

by on07 September 2011

Metal Gear and Unchartered offerings
Sony is releasing not one, but two DualShock 3 controllers to celebrate the release of two upcoming titles. The first controller is a Metal Gear-themed offering, while the second controller is an Uncharted 3-themed offering. The Metal Gear offering is a green and gray camo offering, while the uncharted 3 offering is a tan/brown colored offering.

While they are not as elaborate and as eye catching as the Gears of War 3 and Modern Warfare 3 controllers that Microsoft is releasing for the Xbox 360, it is something different nonetheless. The Metal Gear-themed controller will arrive on November 17th in Japan, while the Uncharted 3 controller will arrive on November 2nd Japan and it is bundled with the game. So far, it is only confirmed for Japan, but we suspect that it could be released at some point in North America and Europe if it sells well in Japan.
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