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Another hack leaves Gamespot

by on28 February 2008


"Gerstmann-gate" hits Gamespot hard


According to the news post over at, another one of Gamespot's editors, Jason Ocampo, has decided to leave this site. After Frank Provo, Alex Navarro, Ryan Davis and Gerstmann himself, this is the fifth person who has decided to leave what a lot of people like to call "a sinking ship called Gamespot."

According to the Gamespot official podcast, PC gaming specialist Jason Ocampo is leaving the site for another opportunity. Ocampo noted that he hadn't been thinking about this three weeks ago, so we can rule out the Gerstmann-gate connection. But if you think about it, the leaving of the previous four named people must have had an impact on Jason's decision.

It is probably time for Gamespot to start from scratch with some new names, and to hope that history won't repeat itself. As for the current situation, Gamespot is looking at a long and grim period ahead of it, before they get back to what they had before Gerstmann-gate.

Last modified on 29 February 2008
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