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Nintendo not going to enter mobile market

by on15 September 2011

Focus will continue to be on the 3DS going forward
Nintendo is busy again shooting down rumors that the company is looking to enter the mobile space as a way to boost its profits and to offset some of its recent losses. The company has no intention of embracing a smartphone, according to Satoru Iwata.

The recent price cut of the 3DS has rumors flying, but Nintendo again stated its position that this is the price cut that the company planned for the 3DS. Of course, this means that the price will not be slashed again till the 3DS gets revised in its next and more cost effective version.

It seems that Nintendo isn’t catching much of a break these days with the issues with the 3DS forcing a price cut, and the rumors surrounding the continued development troubles of the Wii U platform. Analysts that we spoke with seem to also be worried about Nintendo’s chances to be successful with their current plans. News that they will elect not to enter the Smartphone software space was not well received by some.

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