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VIA confirms HP using its CPU in UMPC

by on03 March 2008

Has other design wins, as well

If you remember the HP Compaq 2133, which we told you about here, then you might also know that there was a strong rumor about this UMPC featuring a VIA processor. Fudzilla can now confirm this rumor to be true after having talked to VIA, and it's far from the only UMPC to feature a processor from VIA this year.

What we don't know is which VIA processor HP will be using; but our guess is that it's the upcoming Isaiah CPU. VIA is expecting it to be very competitive in terms of performance compared to Intel's Silverthorne processors, but more importantly they're expecting it to use less power and have a lower TDP.

Time will tell if VIA can pull this one off, but the company representative we talked to sounded very confident about the Isaiah and its upcoming platform. It's also worth remembering that VIA is likely to have a new chipset to go with the Isaiah CPU, and VIA has traditionally managed to make less power hungry chipsets and integrated graphcis solutions than Intel.

The war in the UMPC and MID market has just started, and it's good to see that there once again is some serious competition in the market, although it looks as if AMD isn't in a hurry to join this fight.
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